Trade Wars ! Who is Killing Whom ! How is USA bullying China ?

In time of peace prepare for the war, were the words said by a wise Legatus in ever booming Rome. And can be implied in this ever-booming economies around the world. So the question here’Is USA the Rome’ and economic tariff the new weapon of this war.

So, What are Economic Tariffs?

Economic Tariffs are the restrictions which are imposed by one country on the import of goods and services from another country in the form of increased duties, taxes in order to discourage them and increase the production of such a product in their own country. It is usually placed on imports.
Recently, in the month of June 2018, USA had imposed tariffs of 25% on imports on over 1000 products worth $50Billion from China to the USA. China fought back with a tariff on goods worth $50 billion of imports from the USA to China. The USA, the largest economy in the world couldn’t be moved by the whims and fancies of the Chinese and hence, threatened to imposed an additional 10% tariff on $200 Billion of Chinese Goods.
Now, what does this imply? It means that for an American Consumer who used to buy a product, say Soya Bean imported from China for $100 earlier would now have to shell out $125 for the same product.

And What Would That Mean For the World?

  1. This would reduce the demand for the product and would affect the producer more than the consumer because now the USA would now import from another company where it can get this product cheaper than China.
  2. But, in many circumstances, this is not the case. Sometimes, the American Companies which are importing the raw material for their products from China cannot get their product anywhere else cheaper or of the same quality and ultimately incur losses.
  3. Steel and Aluminium prices in the USA have risen 40% since March.
  4. Global Markets had fallen due to negative sentiments.
  5. The Dow fell by over 1%, Hang Seng(Hong Kong Stock Exchange) by over 5% and SHCOOMP(Chinese Stock Index) fell by 2% approximately. The Barometer of the Indian stock market, the Sensex also fell by 0.37%. Shares of Boeing and Fed-ex were also affected adversely.

Who’s The Winner?

“Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.”
And Mr. Trump got his words right because America- the country of dreams isn’t bleeding red as other economies due to
  1. Reducing overall cost to the consumer (though this would not always be the case).
  2. Boosting production in their own country.
  3. Reducing the amount of trade deficit. (Exports-Imports) (The USA has a trade deficit of over $330Billion dollar with China).
  4. Establishing Supremacy by being the stronger economy here.
This is not only the case with China but the USA had also imposed trade sanctions upon India, Canada and even with the European Union.

And Why Would We Care A Dime?

Trade Tariffs would adversely affect Consumers, in America and worldwide as the overall cost of producing goods would increase as Apple produces both in USA and China, WalMart imports from China, and further imports it to other countries from there. Now, this is a major attempt to disrupt Mr. Xi’s Made in China plan of 2025, a plan to make China a world-class producer.
This step by the USA clearly shows that they are not the one to be messed with and clearly respond back with strong tariffs. The Chinese have also hit back with tariffs while India is also proposing to fight back with tariffs on the USA. This trade war throughout the world clearly affects many, including the US workers, companies, and even consumers. Will these measures making America great again or would further aggravate issues? We leave the readers to decide.
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